Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Hamburg
Flatshare in Hamburg

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Hamburg

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This city has one of the most important ports in Germany, which generates many job opportunities for young people. It is a city that has a wide range of leisure and entertainment, which also attracts national and international students. For all these reasons, renting a shared flat in Hamburg is usually a difficult and competitive task, even though there is quite a lot on offer. Start your search as soon as you can and do it on Erasmus Play, where you will be able to compare the different available and verified accommodations for students.

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Hamburg

We are going to share with you some pros and cons of living in a shared flat in this German city:

Advantages of sharing a flat in Hamburg 

  • By having a cost of living lower than a complete apartment, you will be able to choose your accommodation in the neighbourhood that you like the most, whether it is near the centre, the universities or green areas.

  • If you have German or German-speaking roommates, you can take the opportunity to practice the language. It will surely be very useful, both in the city and in your professional life.

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Hamburg

  • Some shared flats are located in neighbourhoods far from the city centre. However, the connection by public transport is very good, so take a good look at how you can move around the city from your accommodation.

  • Germans can be a bit distant and reserved at first, so living with colleagues of different nationalities would be interesting as well.

Erasmus App for your exchange programme in Hamburg 

You have at your disposal several apps for Erasmus+ that will make the exchange process simpler. With some of these applications you will be able to validate the subjects, start carrying out certain procedures, access a community of students, answer questions and learn about the experiences of other young people in Hamburg. You will also find advice from other young people, such as the best places to go out in the Sternschanze or Reeperbahn areas, two of the most frequented by students. 

How to meet people in Hamburg?

If you share a flat in this German city, take the opportunity to connect with your roommates. You can also consider the options listed below:

Student associations in Hamburg 

One of the most prominent associations for international students is the Erasmus Social Network. This volunteer organization promotes the integration of students with different activities and events you can join when you get to the city. Through the ESN Hamburg you can also request a card with which you will access discounts and other benefits for students.

Facebook groups for Erasmus in Hamburg 

On Facebook you will find a group of the ESN Hamburg in which they share the updates and the plans that they are organizing. There are also other groups, such as "Erasmus Hamburg", where you will be able to see the next events planned in the city and answer any questions you may have.

WhatsApp groups for Erasmus in Hamburg 

Many times, WhatsApp groups are created from associations and Facebook groups (such as ESN Hamburg). The idea of ​​these is to achieve a more direct connection between students: you will be able to introduce yourself and share your interests, being able to find other young people who have the same hobbies and giving you the possibility of joining other plans. 

Tips for living in a shared apartment in Hamburg 

Some tips to keep in mind when living in a shared flat in Hamburg:

  • The weather is warmer than in other parts of Germany, but it is still quite cold in winter. See what the heating system is like in the apartment where you live and determine with your colleagues if they are going to have any rules or schedules for its use.

  • Talk to your roommates about the possibility of smoking inside the apartment if it bothers any of them. Smoking is allowed in many places in Germany, so it would not be unusual for your colleagues to smoke inside. 

Frequently asked queries about sharing a flat in Hamburg 

How much does a shared flat cost in Hamburg?
The average cost of single rooms in Hamburg is usually between a range of €400-500 per month. It always depends on the characteristics it has, for example, the cost is higher if it has a balcony or a private bathroom.
How to find roommates in Hamburg?
We recommend that you do it in online communities, such as Erasmus Play, where you will also be able to see the available flats and rooms from which you can choose.
How to meet people in Hamburg?
Try and befriend your roommates first, with whom you will be able to carry out different activities. We also recommend that you join student associations and Facebook and WhatsApp groups where you will be able to connect with students from different universities and careers.
Why share a student flat in Hamburg?
The cost of living in Hamburg is quite high, so sharing a flat will allow you to live on a tight budget. You will surely live in a multicultural environment, so you can take the opportunity to practice languages ​​and learn about the way of life of your flatmates.
What should I take into account when entering a flatshare in Hamburg?
You have to keep in mind that your roommates may be of different nationalities, so they will have different habits and lifestyles. Try to make clear the basic rules of coexistence (regarding visits, cleanliness, smoking, pets, etc.) or any other that is important to you.