Erasmus in Leuven

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Leuven 21 1412/month

Why do Erasmus in Leuven? This Belgian city located near Brussels, the country's capital, has become a very popular Erasmus destination for students in recent years. Two great attractions of Leuven are its lively student atmosphere and the prestige of its universities. If you stay with us you will be able to discover all the opportunities that Leuven can offer. Let’s get into it!

Cost of living in Leuven, Belgium

Leuven is a charming city located in Belgium, a country with a fairly high standard of living compared to other countries in the European Union. It is a city that you can perfectly go on Erasmus and enjoy, but we recommend that you keep a certain control of your expenses.

On the one hand, you must take into account fixed monthly expenses such as renting your accommodation. If you decide to rent a room in a shared flat, your rent will surely be around € 550-600 per month. If to this amount you add other expenses such as shopping, transportation or your leisure activities, think that your budget can go up to € 800-900 per month.

Now, the amount of money you spend each month depends on your lifestyle, your needs, and your priorities. We recommend that, once you arrive in the city, you try to get a bicycle, since this is a very efficient and popular means of transport among the inhabitants of Leuven and, in addition, it will help you save on transport.

Erasmus parties and leisure in Leuven, Belgium

If something is not lacking in a city like Leuven, full of students and young people, it is the party. You will be able to go out whenever you feel like it and there are places for any musical taste. If you ask a former Erasmus student about the most popular places to party in Leuven, he will surely mention the “Oude Markt”. This place is a square with a large number of bars and establishments where you can go out for a drink. In fact, it is considered that in no other European country can you find so many bars together either than here, so it is not surprising that the Oude Markt (Old Market) is a meeting point for students and young people.

Something that often helps many exchange students is joining a student association in Leuven. These groups usually prepare many events for Erasmus, mainly, and, in addition, they usually give discounts to their members in restaurants, transport or some bars.

Culture and gastronomy in Leuven, Belgium 

What to see in Leuven? What is the culture of Leuven like? Before going to Leuven on your Erasmus, you will be interested to know that it is the city with the most students in the Flanders region and that it is one of the beer capitals of the world. Indeed, you are going to have all kinds of beer whenever you want. The best thing about this city is that most of its streets are pedestrianized and you will be able to walk or bike anywhere. If you want to know the city to the fullest, you could start in the centre, in the Grote Markt square, where the old Town Hall and the well-known Church of San Pedro are located. From there you can go to many other points in the city. Although it may seem strange to you, another spectacular building that is worth visiting is the Central Library of Leuven, which was inaugurated in 1636.

In addition, the gastronomy of Leuven is varied. Eating out at a restaurant might not be something you can do every day since it might hurt your pockets, but we assure you that when you do, you will love it. You are going to try dishes as typical as the croquettes, the typical fried potatoes, the gratin endives, the world-famous Belgian chocolates and, of course, their beer. These are just a few well-known dishes, but you are going to taste many more.

Advantages of doing your Erasmus in Leuven, Belgium

  • Leuven is the city with the most students in the Flanders region, therefore, you can imagine that the atmosphere will be very lively, dynamic and festive.
  • You are going to have all kinds of plans, whether to go out to a party or to go for walks and learn about the culture and history of the city.
  • The city centre is pedestrianized and has bike lanes, therefore, in addition to saving on transport, you will also be able to easily get anywhere.
  • If you join one of the student associations in Leuven, you will be able to enjoy discounts on transport, food and even leisure activities.

Cheap Erasmus apartments in Leuven, Belgium

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Frequently asked questions from students doing Erasmus in Leuven

How much does it cost to live in Leuven as a student?
The monthly expenditure of an Erasmus student in Leuven is usually around € 850-900. This amount may vary depending on your lifestyle, however, you must bear in mind that Belgium is a country with a fairly high standard of living, which is reflected in its prices.
What is student life like in Leuven?
This city welcomes many students every year, therefore the student atmosphere is lively and perfect for doing an Erasmus there. In addition, the education provided at its universities has a good reputation throughout Europe. It is a great opportunity to learn.
How much does student accommodation cost in Leuven?
In our Erasmus Play comparator, you can find a wide variety of accommodations. One option very chosen by exchange students is rooms in shared flats, which usually cost around € 580-600 per month. The location and type of accommodation can greatly vary the price.
Is it better to live in a flat or residence during Erasmus in Leuven?
Erasmus students in Leuven are eligible for both student residences and shared flats. Now, since there is so much demand for accommodation, it is often quite difficult to be accepted into a residence. A student flat gives you more freedom and you can have a closer relationship with your classmates. The final decision is up to you.
How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Leuven?
To find out the information that is adapted to your case, you should contact the international relations office of your university. The conditions and characteristics of the Erasmus scholarship to study in Leuven are different in each country, so the best option is to contact the home university to answer all your questions.
What are the best areas to live in Leuven?
The perfect location for you may depend a bit on your preferences. Many students decide to live near their university and others in the most central part of the city, where there is more atmosphere throughout the day. We recommend that you carefully compare your options and decide what is best for you in your day-to-day life.