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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Murcia

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Murcia

Private rooms Murcia 515 341/month
Residences Murcia 2 800/month
Studios Murcia 1 590/month
Apartments Murcia 54 798/month

Murcia is a city in southern Spain and is the capital of the region of the same name. It is a city with a very good quality of life, as it is small and not so chaotic, but it has a wide variety of leisure offers, bars and restaurants. Besides, the cost of living is usually much cheaper than in larger cities in the country, such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid or San Sebastián.

In Murcia you will be able to enjoy many sunny days in the year, since it has very good weather, and you will be able to meet local people who are very friendly and cheerful. It is a city with a very good environment for young people, since it receives many international students every year thanks to its universities and quality of life.

Are you looking for student accommodation in Murcia? We recommend that you do it well in advance, as it is a student city that welcomes many young people every year. For this reason, generally, well-priced accommodations tend to sell out quickly.

Student apartments for rent in Murcia

When looking for a student apartment for rent and views its price you have to make sure if the service costs, such as water, electricity, internet, gas, etc., are included.

One of the factors that affect the rental price of an apartment is its location. For example, in Murcia, a studio apartment in a central neighbourhood has a price ranging from € 580 onwards. However, if you move a little further from the centre you can find a flat of the same type for € 400 per month. Likewise, an apartment with two rooms to share with good connections to the city centre has an approximate price of € 500 per month.

Student room for rent in Murcia

In this Spanish city, you will find both private rooms and shared rooms, in an apartment shared with other students. You should pay attention to both the characteristics of your room (for example, if it includes a closet or desk for each person) and the apartment itself. This may have details such as a shared lounge, balcony and/or equipped kitchen. Besides, most usually have basic appliances, such as a refrigerator, oven, washing machine, and microwave.

The monthly cost of a room in a shared apartment in the centre of Murcia starts at € 160, with an average of € 230 per month. A shared room has an average price of € 300 per person, with all bills included.

Student accommodation in Murcia

Students always look for cheap accommodation with a good location close to the universities and the most frequented places of leisure. In the city of Murcia there are many options, so we will advise you on which are some of the most chosen neighbourhoods by young people to live in.

Apartments for rent in the centre of Murcia

The central area of ​​the city includes neighbourhoods such as La Fama, Santa Eulalia and San Nicolás, and has many of the most frequented leisure spots. Here, a studio for rent starts at € 580 per month and an apartment with more rooms has an average price of € 750 per month.

Rooms in shared apartments in Santa María de Gracia

This neighbourhood is located a little northwest of the centre, approximately 15 minutes on foot. It has different sites of interest, such as a sports centre and several green areas. A room in a shared flat starts at € 190 per month, with an average of € 250.

Rooms for rent in El Carmen

El Carmen is located on the other side of the Segura river from the city centre. A room in a shared flat has a cost that goes from € 160 onwards, with an average of € 200 per month.

Erasmus accommodation near the University in Murcia

The following are the two most chosen universities by international students who go to Murcia to do Erasmus:

University of Murcia

It has different campuses in the city. One of the most important is the Campus de la Merced, which has the faculties of Letters and Law. It is located in the centre of Murcia, so that area is convenient to find accommodation.

The other most important campus is Espinardo, being the largest and with many different faculties. The Espinardo and El Ranero neighbourhoods are good alternatives to find a flat near this campus.

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia

This institution is private. It is located west of the centre of Murcia, and can be reached in about 40 minutes by public transport. One of the most popular neighbourhoods to live in is La Ñora.

University residence in Murcia

In this Spanish city, there are different university residences, both in central neighbourhoods and near the universities or further afield. Keep in mind that the leisure places frequented by students are located in the centre, so if you choose a distant residence, it will take time to make the connection.

The average price for a room in a shared apartment in a university residence is € 380 per month.

Two things to keep in mind: bills for expenses are not usually included in the monthly price and some rooms only accept people of the same sex, especially in the case of women.

Frequently asked questions about Murcia

How much does a room for rent for students in Murcia cost?

This depends on whether it is a private or shared room. In the first case, the average is € 230 per month and a shared room has an average of € 300 per month with expenses included.

What is the cost of a university residence in Murcia?

The price for a room in a shared apartment in a residence starts at € 160 per month, with an average of € 380.

What are the best areas to live in Murcia as a student?

The city centre is normally the area most chosen to live by international students. Likewise, you can also consider neighbourhoods such as El Carmen, Santa María de Gracia, Espinardo and La Ñora.

How much is the approximate monthly cost for students in Murcia?

Murcia is a fairly cheap city in which, depending on the lifestyle you live, you can spend little. If you rent a room in a shared flat and add food and entertainment, estimate that you should have around € 400 per month.

Why go on Erasmus to Murcia?

Murcia has a very good environment for students. It has a good climate, beaches, green areas and parks, a wide range of activities to do and enjoy with local people. Besides, this cosmopolitan city is the perfect size to explore by bike or on foot, if you feel like it, there is a great atmosphere to party.