Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Oslo

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The capital of Norway is a small city, so it is the perfect size for students who want to easily get (both on foot and by public transport) everywhere. If you want to get into the Nordic culture, it is a great Erasmus destination, where you will be able to meet friendly local people, taste their delicious cuisine and enjoy their leisure offer.

Oslo has many sites of interest and, above all, with many parks and nature nearby. Also, it is a good starting point to get to know the other northern European countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and the Baltic States.

Surely you are wondering, how much does it cost to rent a student flat in Oslo? As you may already know, life in the Norwegian capital is not cheap. Both rooms in shared flats and full flats have a high cost, so we recommend that you start looking as soon as possible to find the ideal accommodation for you.

Student apartments for rent in Oslo


Finding a rental apartment in Oslo can be a very difficult task. However, from Erasmus play we make it easy for you, follow these steps to find the best apartment for you:

  1. Access the Erasmus Play search engine
  2. Set your maximum budget, as well as the arrival and departure dates
  3. Filter by your preferences and compare all prices and services included in each verified accommodation
  4. When you find the ideal one for you, do not let them rent it before you and book 100% online and completely secure.

As for the price, a studio apartment starts at € 1800 per month. On the other hand, a two-bedroom apartment starts at € 2,400 and a three-bedroom apartment costs around € 3,000. This makes sharing a flat the most normal thing for students, since that way the costs of rent and bills can be divided.

Student room for rent in Oslo


Sharing a flat with other students is the most preferred alternative by young internationals who move to the Norwegian capital for Erasmus or to study. You have to know that, in general, the further away from the centre the room is, the cheaper the price. For example, you will find some rooms approximately half an hour away by public transport that has a cheaper monthly cost than the central ones.

The price of a room in Oslo goes from € 400 onwards and can go up to € 1900, with the average being € 700.

When looking for a room you have to take into account both its characteristics and that of the entire apartment. Almost all student rooms include a wardrobe and desk.

Student accommodation in Oslo


Below we will tell you which are some of the most chosen neighbourhoods to live by international students, both for its location near the universities and for being close to the most popular entertainment venues.

Apartments for rent in the Tøyen neighbourhood

This neighbourhood is located east of the city centre, so you can reach many of the sights on foot in a few minutes. Here, a studio apartment has a price that goes from € 2,550 per month onwards.

Rooms for Rent in Gamle Aker

This neighbourhood is north of central Oslo, although it can be reached in approximately 20 minutes on foot. It has different interesting places for young people, such as parks, restaurants and bars. Here you will find rooms in shared flats from € 500 per month onwards.

Rooms in shared apartments in Mortensrud

This area is far from the centre of Oslo, towards the south, but by public transport, you arrive in about half an hour. Here, the rooms are usually priced at € 600 on average per month.

Erasmus accommodation near the University of Oslo (UiO)

This institution is the largest research university in Norway. The campus is divided into two, although they are located next to each other in the north-central area of ​​the city. From the centre of Oslo, you can get there in about 20 minutes by public transport. 

Gamle Aker is the closest neighbourhood, but from Sentrum and Tøyen there is also a good transport connection.

University residence in Oslo

This alternative is one of the favourites for international students going from Erasmus to Oslo. For this reason, you will find several university residences in the Norwegian capital, some near the city centre and others further away. As with private accommodation, the further away from the centre, the cheaper the residence. The prices for a room in a shared flat can go from € 400 per month onwards and can go up to € 800 or more for the same type of accommodation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oslo

How much does a room cost in a shared apartment in Oslo?
The cost of a student room in Oslo mainly depends on the location and features. The price ranges from € 400 onwards, with an average of € 700 per month.
How to find cheap student accommodation in Oslo?
First of all, we recommend that you start searching well in advance to find a cheap apartment with a good location. If you use the Erasmus Play search engine and comparator, you will see the different characteristics of each accommodation. In addition to the comforts of your room, you will be able to see what the entire apartment consists of, seeing all the images, locations, etc.
Where to live in Oslo if you are a student?
The city centre is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods to live in, but it is where leisure activities are concentrated. However, Oslo is a small city and everything can be easily reached on foot or by public transport. Some of the most popular neighbourhoods are Tøyen and Gamle Aker.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Oslo?
As in most Nordic countries, the cost of living in the Norwegian capital is high. Based on the average cost of a room in a shared flat, € 700, and adding food and leisure expenses, think that you have to have at least € 1000 per month.
Why study in Oslo?
In this capital, you will be able to delve into the Nordic culture, enjoying its gastronomy, its way of life and its landscapes. Also, you will be able to share experiences with students from all over the world in different leisure activities and travel to other cities in Northern Europe easily. And don't forget to travel through Norway, which has incredible landscapes to enjoy.