Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Reykjavik

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland, the most multicultural city in the country and also its largest city. It is a quiet and peaceful city, as well as lively and fun. It has a lot of character, a very active nightlife, street art in every corner and nature wherever you look.

Iceland's climate is very cold in winter but quite mild in summer, a season in which young people take the opportunity to dive into the natural pools and get to know the spectacular landscapes of the island.

Surely you are wondering, How to find cheap accommodation in Reykjavik? In this article we will advise you on some information that you have to take into account when searching. We recommend that you search well in advance and do not leave it until the last minute, prices tend to rise as the beginning of the school year approaches.

Student apartments for rent in Reykjavik

The Icelandic capital is highly chosen by international students to move to live, so there is a high demand for apartments in Reykjavik. You will find many options outside the city centre, but keep in mind that public transport is usually not as good as in other European cities.

The price of a studio apartment starts at € 520 per month onwards. By having a varied offer, you will also find, for example, a four-bedroom apartment from € 700, in a neighbourhood far from the centre. We recommend that you use the Erasmus Play search engine, where you will see what the different verified accommodations consist of, seeing all the images, locations and other characteristics. Once you find the ideal one, book 100% online and in a secure way to make sure that nobody rents it before you.

Student room for rent in Reykjavik

Renting a room in a shared apartment is one of the preferred options for students who move to live in Reykjavik, since in this way you will be able to save on rental costs and expenses. 

In this Icelandic city you will find both private rooms and shared rooms between two people. Most of them usually include a closet and a desk so that everyone can study comfortably.

The price of a private room in a shared flat in Reykjavik ranges from € 390 per month, with the average being between € 550-600. As for shared rooms, their monthly cost ranges from € 400 onwards, with an average of € 480.

Student accommodation in Reykjavík

Many students move to Reykjavík every year and look for furnished accommodation that is well-priced and well located, that is, close to universities. Here are some of the best neighbourhoods to live in Reykjavik as a student.

Apartments in Miðborg

This neighbourhood is the centre of Reykjavík. It has a lot of atmosphere, as there are many bars and restaurants here, as well as attractions such as the sculpture of the Sun Traveler or the famous Hallgrimskirkja church. The price of a studio apartment goes from € 710 onwards and the average is € 1,300. A shared flat with two rooms has a price that starts at € 1,550, with an average of € 1,700.

Apartments for rent in Vesturbær 

This neighbourhood is located next to the centre of the capital of Iceland. It is a quiet residential area with easy access to the area of ​​bars and restaurants. Here, a studio apartment that includes features such as a closet, desk, heating and a washing machine has an average price of € 700 per month. You will also find a two-bedroom apartment for approximately € 1,300 and a three-bedroom apartment for € 1,620 per month.

Rooms for rent in Laugardalur

This residential area is a bit far from the city centre, but has good public transport connections. In Laugardalur you will find a famous outdoor swimming pool, zoo and botanical garden.

The rooms offered here typically include features such as a closet and desk, within a flat with a fully equipped kitchen, television, internet, and washing machine. The average price is € 450, going from € 390 per month onwards.

Erasmus accommodation near Reykjavik universities 

Most students who move to Reykjavik choose one of these two universities:

Reykjavik University 

This institution is the largest private university in Iceland, with a gym, cinema, restaurant and library. It is located south of the Mioborg neighbourhood, that is, the city centre. Students attending this university often choose that area or other nearby neighbourhoods such as Hlíðar, Suðurhlíðar or Háaleiti to search for accommodation.

University of Iceland 

The University of Iceland is the largest and oldest institution in the country. Its campus is located in the Vesturbaer neighbourhood, previously named as one of the most chosen by students to live. For this reason, that area and the city centre are good options.

University residence in Reykjavik

Reykjavik student residences, also called Guesthouses, usually have a price similar to that of renting a room in a shared flat. Also, in residences, you generally have to share a bathroom and kitchen.

Frequently asked questions about in Reykjavik 

Sharing a flat with other students in Reykjavik?
The capital of Iceland has a high cost of living, so sharing a flat with other young people will significantly decrease your monthly spending. Besides, it makes the experience more fun, by being able to share the day to day with other students who are in the same situation as you.
How much does a student room cost in Reykjavik?
The price of a room in a shared apartment depends on whether the room is private or shared. The monthly cost of a private one goes from € 390 per month in a neighbourhood far from the centre and that of a shared room goes from € 400 per month in a central area.
How to find an apartment near the University of Iceland?
We recommend that you look in the Erasmus Play comparator, where you will be able to see the availability of verified apartments from different platforms and online companies. Consider neighbourhoods like Vesturbaer and downtown Reykjavik.
How much is the approximate monthly expenditure for students in Reykjavik?
Living in the capital of Iceland is expensive, the average monthly expenditure for a student is about € 900 per month, living in a room in a shared flat and adding food and some leisure. It also depends on how much you choose to travel to get to know the country.
Why go on Erasmus to Reykjavik?
In this city you will be able to fully discover a new and different culture, learning about its way of life, its leisure and its gastronomy. Likewise, Iceland is a country that has thousands of incredible places to visit, and its academic system is one of the best in the world.



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