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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Uppsala

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Uppsala

Private rooms Uppsala 19 976/month
Studios Uppsala 11 1293/month
Apartments Uppsala 24 1233/month

Uppsala is a Swedish city located north of Stockholm. It is home to the oldest university in Scandinavia - Uppsala University.

Many students move to this Swedish city because of its education system and its university. The atmosphere for young people in this Swedish city is incredible considering that 50% of the population are students. Thanks to this, you will surely not get bored, participating in the different activities and events that are organized for young people every week. Know that the nightlife is not usually varied.

Most of the young people who are going to study mobility in Uppsala also take the opportunity to explore the city of Stockholm, which you will be able to reach in about 40 minutes by public transport.

Not sure how to find cheap accommodation in Uppsala? Keep reading! In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know to find the apartment, residence or room that meets all your preferred characteristics, including an affordable price.

Student apartments for rent in Uppsala

in Uppsala, you will find fully furnished apartments that have basic appliances, such as an oven, microwave and refrigerator. With our housing search engine, you will be able to filter by the most important characteristics for you, you can easily find your ideal apartment this way.

The cost of apartments in Uppsala usually ranges from € 1000 onwards and can go as high as € 1700 per month. The price depends, in large part, on the number of people who can live in it. We recommend that you also pay attention to the entry requirements of the apartment since in many cases a minimum stay of one year is required.

Student room for rent in Uppsala

Are you looking for a cheap room for students in Uppsala? In the Erasmus Play housing search engine, you will be able to see the verified rooms of a multitude of online platforms. If this is the type of accommodation you want to rent, remember to pay attention to both the characteristics of the room and those of the apartment where it is located. In addition, we recommend that you start your search as soon as possible because there is usually a lot of demand.

The cost of rooms in shared flats ranges from € 580 onwards and can go up to € 800, always according to the characteristics of the room and the flat in which it is located.

Student accommodation in Uppsala

To give you an idea of ​​which are some of the most convenient locations for students, below are several neighbourhoods chosen by international youth every year, along with the characteristics which stand out. 

Apartments for rent in Centrum 

The city centre, located on the banks of the Fyris River, is the one with the greatest atmosphere for students. It brings together many of the most frequented restaurants, bars, shops and cafes by young people. Also, from the city centre, you will be able to easily reach the various faculties of Uppsala University, both on foot and by public transport.

Apartments in Fålhagen 

This area is adjacent to the city centre to the east. It is a more residential area that has several parks and areas in which to play sports, as well as several affordable shops and restaurants for young people.

Rooms for rent in Luthagen 

The Luthagen neighbourhood is located north of Uppsala. Here are some of the University's faculties, such as Economics, and you will also have easy access to the rest of the institution's buildings that are in the centre. Luthagen is full of cafes, bars, restaurants, parks and other places of interest, such as museums.

Erasmus accommodation near the Uppsala Universitet (UU) 

This institution expanded over time, so it has several buildings and campuses in the city of Uppsala. Some of the areas in which it is found are:

  • Downtown area: It has faculties such as Law, History, Economics and the Department of Neuroscience.
  • West of downtown Uppsala: In this area is the Center for Evolutionary Biology, the Botanical Garden, the Center for Pedagogy, Didactics, Educational Studies and Psychology, and the English Park Campus which has the Center for Humanities and Language Studies.
  • South of downtown Uppsala: Here is the University Hospital, the Center for Biomedicine, the Center for Information Technology, the Department of Earth Sciences, among others.
  • North of the centre: In this area is the Education Center for teachers.

University residence in Uppsala 

There are several residences where you will be able to apply for a place in this Swedish city. Each of them has different characteristics and types of accommodation. Also, pay attention to the locations of each residence, as each one is in different areas of Uppsala. You also have to look at the price (in most cases this includes the monthly expenses of the invoices).

Frequently Asked Questions about studying in Uppsala

How much does a student room cost in Uppsala?

The cost of rooms in shared flats ranges from € 580 onwards and can go up to € 800, always according to the characteristics of the room and the flat in which it is located.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Uppsala?

The amount of the Erasmus scholarship depends on the country where your home university is located. Each country is governed by its own rules, which conditions the amount assigned to students.

How to find accommodation near Uppsala University?

This institution has buildings scattered throughout various areas of the city, so you should identify where your faculty is located before searching. That way you will be able to choose an accommodation that is nearby or that has a good public transport connection with it.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Uppsala?

Generally, the budget for students in Uppsala is around € 1000-1100 per month between rent, food and some entertainment. However, this always depends on your lifestyle.

Why go on Erasmus to Uppsala?

If you study in this city you will be able to enter the educational system of the oldest university in Sweden, sharing the experience with thousands of students from all over the world. From Uppsala you will also be able to travel to Stockholm easily, so you will be able to enjoy everything that the Swedish capital has to offer.