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Information and tips for Erasmus students in Venice

Erasmus in Venice

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Venice

Private rooms Venezia 144 547/month
Studios Venezia 3 1600/month
Apartments Venezia 67 1689/month

Would you like to do your Erasmus in an Italian city? Why should you choose Erasmus in Venice? This Italian city is known throughout the world for the canals that run through it and for its traditional events and festivities. It is a beautiful city that is worth visiting sometime in your life. Here we advise you on all the information you need to know to get the most out of your experience in Venice. Go for it!

Cost of living in Venice, Italy

Do you need advice for your Erasmus in Venice? The first thing we are going to give you here is that you start looking for accommodation in advance before arriving in the city. Rents in Venice are not as expensive as those in other cities in central Europe, however, keep in mind that this is one of the most expensive cities in Italy. The most chosen accommodation option by young people is a room in a shared flat, which usually costs around € 200-300 per month. There are also student residences, however, students from other years do not usually advise them. We recommend that you compare all the options before deciding on one.

In the total monthly budget that a student needs to live in Venice, other expenses such as food, transport or some leisure activity are also included, so you will need a total budget of € 600 per month. It is recommended that you ask about the discounts you have on public transport vouchers or in some restaurants for being a student since you can get very good deals and save some money.

Erasmus parties and leisure in Venice, Italy

Venice is a very touristy city and, every year, it receives thousands of people from all over the world and many students. The atmosphere of the city is very dynamic and there is always something to do. Also, the weather is usually quite good, something that encourages people to continually make plans. The city offers a great variety of artistic and cultural events, some take place in the streets and others in some places, but, normally, everyone can attend.

Regarding the party, as mentioned, this city fills with students every year, therefore, it always has a festive, lively and youthful atmosphere. Within the city, students usually meet in Campo Santa Margarita or Cannaregio, since in these areas you can find several bars and entertainment venues where you can have a good time with friends. Now, if one day you want to go out to a nightclub, surely you will need to move to Mestre (if you live in another part of the city, of course), but do not worry, it is not difficult to get there.

Culture and gastronomy in Venice, Italy

When you arrive in Venice, you will realize that the lifestyle of this city is really different from that of other European cities. First of all, it should be noted that in this city there are no cars or buses, so the sites can be reached on foot or by boat. This city is also well known for its traditions and cultural events such as the Venice Carnival, during which you can find various artistic, musical or acrobatic performances through the streets of the city. Also, if you like to visit emblematic buildings and monuments, in this city there are many. For example, you can visit San Marco Square or the Doge's Palace, two of the best-known tourist attractions in Venice.

On the other hand, something you cannot forget is to try the typical food of the city in the most traditional restaurants. Sure you know the most famous recipes of Italian cuisine (pasta, risotto, pizza, etc.), but how many times have you tried them in a truly Italian restaurant? Take advantage of this opportunity and make the most of everything you do.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Venice, Italy

  • Venice is a beautiful city, with a very peculiar lifestyle and a great cultural variety.
  • The cultural and artistic offer of Venice is very wide, try to be part of the traditions and events of this city, surely you will enjoy them even more.
  • From Venice, you can visit a large number of Italian cities or even nearby countries like Austria.
  • Enjoy the most typical and rich dishes of Italian gastronomy in the city's restaurants, located next to the canals. It is a unique experience.

Cheap student apartments in Venice, Italy

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Frequently asked questions from students doing Erasmus in Venice

How much does it cost to live in Venice as a student?

Venice is one of the most expensive cities in all of Italy, due to its popularity with tourists. The budget that a student living in Venice needs is around € 600-700 per month. One of the expenses that most influences this budget is the rent of the accommodation they choose.

How is student life in Venice?

Venice is always full of people and has a very lively and dynamic atmosphere. There are several universities and study centres in this city, so you will be able to dedicate time to your training, but you will also be able to enjoy and party with friends on the different islands that make up the capital of Veneto.

How much does a student accommodation cost in Venice?

The rental price depends on your location or the type of accommodation you prefer. A room in a shared flat is usually around € 200-300 per month. You also have the option of staying in a residence, but these tend to be a bit more expensive and with worse conditions than those of shared flats.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Venice?

To apply for the Erasmus grant to study in Venice, you will have to meet a series of conditions that are different depending on the country where you reside. Once you are eligible for this scholarship, we recommend that you consult all the information or doubts that arise in the international relations office of your university. There they will surely help you with everything without problems.

What areas are the best to live in in Venice?

If you live on the main island you will be able to have everything you need at hand, however, since it is the center, the rental prices are a little more expensive. Another option is to look for accommodation in Mestre, Marghera or in areas closer to the university. On our platform, you can compare all the options and book the one that interests you the most.