Flatshare in Venice

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Venice

type.private_room 81 519/month
type.studio 2 1210/month
stats.apartment.2 4 1725/month
stats.apartment.4 1 4200/month

Finding a flatshare in Venice that meets all of your preferred characteristics can be tricky, especially due to the high demand and limited accommodation. For this reason, we recommend that you start the search as soon as possible, that way you will have more options to choose from. If you do it in the Erasmus Play search engine, you will be able to compare the different alternatives and find the one that includes everything important to you.

A positive feature of living with roommates in Venice is that you will surely be able to live in a multicultural environment, sharing with other students of different nationalities.

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Venice 


These are some of the pros and cons of living in a shared flat in the Italian city:

Advantages of sharing a flat in Venice 

  • You can choose between single and shared rooms, opting for the alternative that best suits your preferences and budget.

  • The rent in this Italian city is usually very high, but by sharing a flat you will be able to invest less money in this monthly expense and live in a more convenient location.

  • Students from different parts of the world choose Venice to live in due to the charm of the city, so you will surely be able to share day-to-day life in a multinational environment.

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Venice 

  • If you share a flat you will normally be accompanied by other young people, since the common spaces are shared. Keep this in mind, since Venice is usually full of students and tourists, so sometimes you might want to have your own space and the only place you will have to yourself will be your room.

  • Some apartments are usually neglected and not well insulated, check this, especially during the winter when temperatures drop considerably.

Erasmus App for your exchange programme in Venice

Erasmus apps provide a lot of facilities to students. In them you will find information for before, during and after your stay, as well as discounts, some services and experiences of other young people who can be of help.

How to meet people in Venice? 


Here are some ideas of how you can meet people in the Italian city during your exchange, in addition to taking the opportunity to connect with your flatmates. 

Student associations in Venice 

One of the Erasmus associations with the greatest presence in the city is the Erasmus Student Network, called ESN Venice. In it, student volunteers organize different plans such as sports games, game nights, city tours through several nearby cities and even international dinners. By joining this association you will also have access to different benefits and discounts for students.

Facebook groups for Erasmus in Venice 

In the Facebook groups, upcoming events in the city are usually published, as well as photos and videos of activities that have already been carried out. In some of these groups you will also be able to resolve your doubts about the exchange, such as in the ESN Venezia or in the so-called Erasmus Venezia.

Whatsapp groups for Erasmus in Venice 

Find out if any of the groups or associations have groups on Whatsapp, since joining them will allow you to communicate with other students more directly. 

Tips for living in a shared apartment in Venice

We give you some tips for living in shared flats in this Italian city:

  • If you live in Venice you may suffer from the phenomenon called “acqua alta”, which occurs when the tide rises and floods part of the streets. There are also times when the gutters go down and dry up, causing bad odours and rodents to appear.

  • Do not focus only on finding accommodation on the same island of Venice, since the nearby islands and neighbourhoods are very well connected. Consider areas like Mestre, Lido and Marghera.

  • Although the city is full of people, you will not find many locals living there. The number of tourists and students who stay in Venice has caused rents to go up a lot and locals to move to live in other areas.

Frequently asked queries about sharing a flat in Venice 

How much does a shared flat cost in Venice?
The cheapest cost is usually that of shared rooms, which range from €250 per month onwards. For its part, the price of living in a single room usually starts at €330 per month.
How to find roommates in Venice?
You should do it through online communities, such as Erasmus Play, where you will also be able to view the characteristics of what your accommodation would be.
Share a flat or live alone in Venice?
The cost of renting in this Italian city is very high, so sharing a flat is usually the most convenient idea for living on a student budget. It will also allow you to live in a young environment and practice the language if you live with Italians.
What should I know when entering a shared flat in Venice?
Surely your roommates will be from different parts of the world, so you will have to get used to living in a multicultural environment, respecting the differences that there will be between everyone.
How to choose ideal roommates in Venice?
For the experience to be the best possible, it is convenient that the roommates have compatible habits, especially taking into account the schedules and lifestyles, such as if they go out a lot at night or have to wake up early.