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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Braga

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Braga

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type.residence 1 500/month 5 991/month
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This city in the north of Portugal is the third-largest town in the country. However, its size is small, so it is easy to get from one place to another. Its old town stands out with its traditional buildings, alleys, tree-lined streets and historical monuments.

It should also be noted that the student atmosphere is very good, since its university is one of the most chosen by foreign students who move to Portugal. It received the title of “European Capital of Youth” in 2012.

Are you looking for accommodation in Braga for students? There is a wide variety of apartments, rooms and residences available, but you have to know how to choose well which is the best for you. Here we tell you the characteristics that you have to pay attention to in each case and we give you recommendations to rent safely.

Student apartments for rent in Braga

Many students move to this Portuguese city every year and look for a furnished apartment, with a good price and that is well located, that is, close to the university.

In Braga there are offers of studio flats for one person or flats with more than one room that you can share with other students who move there. Each apartment differs in the features it offers, such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the size of the kitchen and living room. Of course, they generally include some basic appliances such as a refrigerator, washing machine and oven. You can see all these details in the Erasmus Play search engine and comparator.

Student room for rent in Braga

Most of the students are looking for cheap and well-located rooms for rent in Braga. For this reason, the demand is high and it is usually not an easy task. Here we help you find a room that is perfect for you, follow these steps to find it:

  • Enter the Erasmus Play search engine
  • Set your dates and monthly budget
  • Filter by your preferences and characteristics of the house
  • Compare prices easily from countless websites
  • When you find your ideal accommodation, do not wait for someone to rent it before you, reserve it as soon as possible 100% online and securely.

Student accommodation in Braga

If you wonder what are the best areas to live in Braga as a student, we have the answer. In this section, we will tell you about some of the most chosen neighbourhoods by students who move to live in the Portuguese city, both for its environment and for its proximity to the university.

Apartments for rent in the Cividade neighbourhood

This neighbourhood is the centre of Braga so, if you choose to live in it, you will be very close to all the main attractions of the city. Besides, from here there is a good public transport connection with the campus of the University of Minho located in Gualtar, in approximately 30 minutes by bus you will reach the campus.

Renting a studio apartment in the centre of the city of Braga has a cost that goes from € 700 per month onwards. The average price of a study is € 800 per month.

Apartments in São Vítor

This area is the one between the Cividade neighbourhood and the University of Minho. It is located near the entrance to the institution's Gualtar campus. That is why it is very chosen by students to live.

The price of an apartment in the São Vítor neighbourhood starts at € 850 per month for a three-bedroom apartment to share with other students.

Rooms for rent in São José de São Lázaro

The São José de São Lázaro neighbourhood is located very close to the centre of the city of Braga and has a very good bus connection with the University of Minho.

Here you will find both private rooms and shared rooms. The price starts at € 250 per month for a shared room or € 230 per month for a small private room in an apartment shared with more students.

Erasmus accommodation at Universidade do Minho

This prestigious university has three different centres in the city of Braga. On one side are the rectory and the Convent of the Congregates that are in the centre of the city, in the Cividade neighbourhood.

On the other side is the Gualtar Campus, where most of the classes of the different faculties are taught. As we mentioned before, if you decide to rent accommodation in the city centre, in just over 20 minutes by bus you will be on that campus.

University residence in Braga

The University of Minho offers accommodation options in university residences for students. These are usually found in neighbourhoods close to the institution, such as those named above.

The price of a shared room starts at180€per month and a private room starts at € 200 and up.

Frequently asked questions about Braga

How to find a cheap rental apartment in Braga?

If you follow the recommendations we give in this article and compare all the options that appear in the Erasmus Play search engine, you will surely find a cheap, verified apartment that adapts to your needs easily!

How much does a student room cost in Braga?

The price of a room in a shared apartment in this city in northern Portugal, on average, is € 250 per month. Keep in mind that you can choose between private and shared rooms, which are usually cheaper.

Where to look for student accommodation in Braga?

We recommend that you use the search engine Erasmus Play and start your search as soon as possible. Many students choose this city to do their Erasmus, so the demand is high and the accommodations are quickly sold out.

What is the cost of living in Braga for students?

An advantage of this city is that the cost of living is lower than in the larger cities in the south, such as Lisbon. Assuming you choose to rent a room in a shared flat for € 250 per month and add food, bills and entertainment, the average monthly cost is about € 500 per month. Of course, it will depend on the lifestyle you want to lead and how much you travel.

Why go on Erasmus to Braga?

Braga is one of the most chosen cities by students when they go to live in Portugal, for its university and its environment. The city has a lot of history and places of interest, as well as having the advantage of being able to reach many places on foot because everything is close by. Many leisure activities are usually organized outside of university hours, you will not get bored!