University Carlos III de Madrid, UC3M

Student housing at University Carlos III de Madrid, UC3M

Housing for students near Universidad Carlos  II de Madrid, UC3M

The UC3M is characterized by having 3 campuses located outside Madrid (Getafe, Colmenarejo and Leganés) where there is a wide range of university accommodation and 1 campus in the centre of Madrid ( Puerta de Toledo). Students look for an accommodation close to the faculty or that are well connected by public transport.

Residences for students near UC3M

The Carlos III University Foundation manages residences for students of the University itself. There are a total of three colleges, 2 in Getafe and one in Leganés. In general, there are waiting lists to get a place, so we recommend investigating other options such as rooms in shared flats.

Apartments at Getafe, UC3M

Erasmus accommodation near UC3M

Universidad Carlos III de Marid - UC3M is one of the Spanish universities that receives most international students each year. There are shared apartments for students near the University in Erasmus Play. Compare all the available rooms in Madrid in a simple way thanks to our student accommodation comparison platform.

Flats at Leganes, UC3M

Flats for rent at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Most students from previous courses recommend looking for shared apartments with other students due to their low cost and way of life. Living with other people boost your maturity and responsibility. Find with this platform your ideal accommodation and enjoy the experience of living in Madrid.

Apartments for students of UC3M

The Carlos III University of Madrid is characterized by having different campuses. Make sure to know where your campus is and compare the prices of all available apartments for students that are close to your faculty. Once filtered by faculty, select the main characteristics to ensure that you find the best student accommodation.

Housing at Colmenarejo, UC3M



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