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Information and tips for Erasmus students in Münster

Erasmus in Münster

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Münster

Private rooms Münster 48 1592/month
Studios Münster 12 1579/month
Apartments Münster 17 1758/month

Checking all the boxes for your Erasmus in Münster? This city in the west of Germany is a small city with an important medieval past but maintains an enviable international atmosphere. Live a unique experience in Münster!

Cost of living in Münster, Germany

Münster is one of the most expensive cities in Germany, considering that the country's standard of living is higher than in other European countries. The average price of a spare room in a shared flat in Münster is between €500-700. Halls of residence are often a cheaper alternative, but finding a place will be a challenge due to the huge demand.

The approximate average price of an Erasmus in Münster does not usually drop below €800, taking into account monthly expenses, transport, leisure and travel, although it all depends on your lifestyle…

Student life, Erasmus parties and leisure in Münster

Münster is not a very big city, but it has an enviable atmosphere, the fact that the city is in the centre opens many opportunities to party or get to know a little more about Münster. The preferred areas of the locals are Dom or Martini, right in the centre and very close to the university, as well as the port of Münster.

This city is becoming more and more popular among foreign students, so the opportunities to interact with people from other countries are guaranteed. Münster is waiting for you!

Culture and gastronomy in Münster

Münster is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, its medieval past can be seen on every street, and it has must-see monuments such as the Erbrostenhof Palace or the Münster Town Hall. This city has a wide range of walking trails where you can visit different botanical gardens, such as the famous “Promenade”.

The gastronomy of Münster is based on the traditional food of the state of Westphalia, highlighting the soft-rind cow's milk cheese or the Münster quiche.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Münster, Germany

Münster is perfect for nature lovers, in this city we can find a huge lake where the locals usually have picnics, walks or play sports. The size of Münster is another plus point, the city can be easily explored on foot or by bike.

In this city, students have an enormous advantage: the semester ticket for public transport is free of charge. Münster has a huge commitment to the environment and has been known as the "city of bicycles" for years, it is one of the cleanest cities in Germany.

This city stands out for its rugby team, a sport with which you can become familiar if you live in Münster, or you can attend one of the matches. Take advantage of these unique opportunities!

Cheap student accommodation in Münster

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Frequently asked questions about doing Erasmus in Munster

How much does it cost to live in Münster as a student?

Münster is an expensive city, although nothing can be assumed with the Erasmus scholarship and some previous savings. The monthly expense in this city can be €800, to which you have to add the months you travel, which we recommend.

What is student life like in Münster?

Münster is a small city but with the atmosphere of a big city, there is no shortage of cocktail bars, restaurants or natural areas in which to disconnect. Students welcome foreigners and German universities have a good reputation.

How much does student accommodation cost in Münster?

Student accommodation in Münster is usually between €500-€700 for a spare room in a shared flat. Halls of residence are often in high demand, so you'll need to apply well in advance.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Münster?

The best option here is to ask your university of origin the exact amount you can receive for your Erasmus scholarship.

Which are the best areas to live in Münster as a student?

Students' favourite neighbourhoods to live in Münster are Dom, Überwasser and Martini. These neighbourhoods are central and very close to the university and the leisure areas of Münster.