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Flats, rooms and residences near the UPCO - ICADE - ICAI - CIHS
Student Accommodation near Comillas Pontifical University

Flats, rooms and residences near the UPCO - ICADE - ICAI - CIHS

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Located in Madrid, the UPCO is a prestigious university in a vibrant city with a rich cultural heritage, making it an ideal destination for international students. It is one of the most well-known private universities in Spain. Are you doing your Erasmus in this institution? We recommend that you continue reading this article, in which we mention the most information you need to consider when looking for accommodation near Comillas Pontifical University. Surely after reading it, you have a clearer idea of ​​the best areas to consider depending on the campus you are going to.

Flats and spare rooms for students near the UPCO

Depending on where your faculty is located, your accommodation search will be different. generally, it is best to look for a flat in Madrid and travel by public transport, since the locations of the other campuses are smaller areas with less life for young people. Here are the details:

Where is the Comillas Pontifical University located?

It has three different campuses, which are:

Alberto Aguilera Campus - ICADE - ICAI - CIHS

This is the main campus of the UPCO and is located in the centre of Madrid. It comprises different buildings located in the neighbourhoods of Malasaña, Argüelles and Chamberí, all within a few minutes walk of each other. Classes are taught in these buildings:

  • Faculty of Law (ICADE)
  • Faculty of Economic and Business Administrations (ICADE)
  • Higher Technical School of Engineering (ICAI)
  • Faculty of Canon Law (CIHS)

Campus Cantoblanco - CIHS

This campus is located on the northern outskirts of Madrid, near the city of Alcobendas. You can reach it in about 15 minutes from Alcobendas and approximately 20 minutes from Madrid. The Cantoblanco Campus is home to:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Theology

Ciempozuelos Campus

Located in the city of Ciempozuelos, south of Madrid, it houses the "San Juan de Dios" University School of Nursing and Physiotherapy of the UPCO. The connection between the campus and the Spanish capital can be made in about 40 minutes by train.

Best neighbourhoods to live in near the UPCO

Here are some of the most desirable neighbourhoods to consider and their features:

Malasaña, Moncloa, Argüelles and Chamberí

All these neighbourhoods in the city of Madrid are ideal to live in if you are going to the Campus Alberto Aguilera. These are very lively areas that are usually full of students and young professionals, so there are many popular bars, restaurants and shops.

Chamartín and Alcobendas

From Madrid-Chamartín Station you can reach the Campus Cantoblanco in 20 minutes, and you will also be closer to the centre of Madrid to reach the busiest entertainment venues. For its part, Alcobendas is a quieter city, from which you can reach the Cantoblanco Campus in about 10 minutes, so it is ideal if you prefer to be closer to the campus and live in a quieter place.

Las Delicias, Atocha and Pacífico

If you are going to UPCO Ciempozuelos Campus but you want to live in Madrid, we recommend that you consider neighbourhoods like Las Delicias, Pacífico and Atocha. This is because they are close to the Atocha train station, from which you can get to Ciempozuelos on a train journey of about 35 minutes.

Student residences near the Comillas Pontifical University

The Comillas Pontifical University offers on-campus student residence accommodation to international students, but availability is limited, so getting a place is often very difficult. The positive thing is that in Madrid you will also find numerous private student residences, so you will have options to choose from if this is your preferred type of accommodation.

Erasmus in Comillas Pontifical University

Take note of these tips to make the most out of your mobility at this Spanish institution:

  • The Comillas Pontifical University organises cultural activities that you can attend and participate in. They are activities that contribute to your overall education and provide you with tools that allow you to expand your horizons and unleash your creativity, as well as meet new people.
  • The cost of living in Madrid can be relatively high, especially in terms of accommodation and transportation. However, there are many options to save money, such as eating in university canteens, buying a monthly public transport pass and taking advantage of student discounts.

FAQ about Comillas Pontifical University

What courses can you study at Comillas Pontifical University?

The faculties and schools of this Spanish institution are the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Canon Law, Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, Higher Technical School of Engineering and the University School of Nursing and Physiotherapy "Saint John of God".

Where is the UPCO located?

This institution has three campuses: the Alberto Aguilera Campus in the centre of Madrid, the Cantoblanco Campus in the north of Madrid and near Alcobendas, and the Ciempozuelos Campus, in the municipality with the same name.

What are the best neighbourhoods to live in near the Comillas Pontifical University?

This depends on the campus you are going to. If you are going to the Alberto Aguilera Campus, we recommend that you consider areas of Madrid such as Malasaña, Moncloa, Argüelles and Chamberí. For the Cantoblanco Campus, the most convenient areas are Alcobendas or the Chamartín neighbourhood, to the north of Madrid. On the other hand, if you are going to the Ciempozuelos Campus, you should look in neighbourhoods such as Las Delicias, Atocha and Pacífico in Madrid, or you can even consider the city of Getafe, which is closer.

How much does student residences cost near UPCO?

The cost of this type of accommodation always depends on the location and the characteristics included in the complex, but on average, the cost of a university residence near Comillas Pontifical University is around €550 per month for a single room.

Which are the best Apps for Erasmus at the UPCO?

Download the Erasmus Play App! It is one of the best apps that you can use for planning, because you can meet students from different countries who will be at UPCO at the same time as you, connecting even with some who are going to study with you. This way you can make friends before arriving, be accompanied from the beginning, as well as find flatmates to share accommodation with.