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Are you going to study in a new University? Erasmus Play is an international student housing platform that helps you to find your new home. Choose your accommodation between residences, apartments, shared flats or rooms for students. Filter to adapt the results to your needs and compare among a wide offer of student housing.


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About us

Erasmus Play started as a response from a former Erasmus+ group of students who encountered difficulties in finding accommodation in different host cities. Eventually, in one case, being forced to reject the scholarship.

Every year thousands of students have to deal with this situation each year, from our point of view, finding accommodation should not be a significant problem for students. Discover their new city, meet their colleagues and make new friends should be their worries. Finding a suitable accommodation enhances studentÔÇÖs experience and, allows them to focus on essential tasks, such as being close to their study centres and their classmates or having the necessary facilities to live and be able to study. Our approach is to help students.